Monday, November 24, 2008

The Snow, The Donkey, The Party

It's been a long time since I did the stroll...

First post November. Part of the impetus for my blogging is my passion for writing, but with all that has transpired since my last infrequent post I'll have to resort to Cliff Notes.

The Snow First snow, Midwest return. Last night's snowfall wasn't substantial, but it is still on the ground and that is more than Taylor and I saw in Seattle or, for that matter, during our 6 years in Nashville. My little weiner schnitzel of a dog isn't quite buried in it yet, but that will be fun.

Today I will finally publish the online version of the seventh issue of Arachnoculture magazine, which is solely devoted to my "In Search of Costa Rican Tarantulas". I just need to add the photos and upload. Then I will announce and figure out how to proceed with the project. Thanks to Nico Pedersen in Denmark who was eager to see it go online and would send me inquiry messages to light a fire under my ass.

The Donkey Saturday night Bill, our friend Anne and I drove out to an incredible farm near Madison for a amazing birthday party. The guests of honor were Krista, who works at Mke. Art Museum [MAM], and her boyfriend Brad. Brad's family raises and shows champion Belgian horses. They are magnificent beasts that weigh about 2000 pounds and make most horses look like ponies (Belgians are draft horses that are the strongest of the heavy breeds). The party was in the main barn, which has a lodge-like barroom full of ribbons, trophies and photographs. Food was catered and they had full bar service. We toured the barn and fed carrots to the horses. Krista led us to her riding horse (not a Belgian) who was sharing a stall with the creatively named Donkey. I pet him as well and he began to nibble on my finger, which I didn't discourage, which led to him clamping down on it like a vise to where I thought it might snap. Fortunately, all he did was break the skin both sides of my left index finger knuckle and make me bleed. Bill snuck off at one point and was able to ride one, although they aren't really saddle horses. They are so broad that you'd almost have to do the splits! Anne and I were enjoying our wine and didn't get to watch Billy bareback on a 2300 pound horse.

Things have slowed down a bit with museum events. I am off all week, but did work four parties last week. There haven't been any weddings in November, which I suppose is normal but I got married in November and our friend Courtney was in a wedding party Saturday night (and therefore couldn't join Anne, Bill and I for the horse experience) so I know weddings take place year-round. It should get busier with the holiday season, but the economy definitely has caused many corporate events to cancel, no doubt to look for less expensive venues.

I have been playing a lot of online poker and doing quite well, especially with single table sit and gos. With the winter setting in I will spend more time with my indoor passions like poker, guitar, books and movies, but I will look for any chance to get outdoors, hopefully to play a little disc golf when it isn't too cold or windy.

I took Bill to see Gov't Mule here in Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago and it was a great time. The first set was especially great. It was nice to "reclaim" the band for myself. I was quite passionate, even obsessed, with this band for some time and it is how I met my ex-wife. I believe this Mke. show was my 43rd ass-kicking, as Gov't Mule shows are referred to. Anyway, post-separation/divorce I stopped listening to them for the most part, but then decided to "reclaim" with a show during my brief stay in Seattle. That didn't go too well as I went alone and just felt freaking lonely. So, taking Bill and having a good time was awesome and I now can enjoy Warren Haynes and Company again!

The Party Our Helloween Bash was a good time and we had a pretty good turnout. I have some photos up on my Facebook page. I enjoy hosting parties, especially bartending and making people special drinks. My pumpkin martinis went over very well - too well for a couple people. We had a blazing bonfire in the backyard and many people were introduced to the household critters, some touching a tarantula for the first time.

The End I guess there was less to report than I thought. In closing, congrats to Barack Obama, please view Earthlings [nature, animals, humankind - make the connection] (I haven't eaten meat since watching it and won't) and remember to sing a new song and tip your bartender.

Respect and protect, MJ